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Dacian, Ion

Ion Dacian(1911-1981), Romanian tenor, known for interpretation of operetta roles. He studied at the Academy of Music in Cluj, and he began his career in 1934 at the Romanian Opera there. He was appointed the director of the operetta theater.

Daija, Tish

Composer of Albanian national ballet - "Halili and Hajria"-Tish Daija*
Tish Daija(1926-2004), Albanian composer. he composed the first Albanian ballet "Halili and Hajria" that premiered on January 13, 1963 and has since been showed more than 250 times at the National Theater. He also composed an opera Spring(Pranvera). He studied at the Moscow Conservatory.

Damme, Joseph Baron van

Joseph Baron van Damme(1940- ), known under the pseudonym Jose van Dam, is a Belgian bass-baritone. He studied at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, graduated with diplomas and first prizes in voice and opera performance. He made his opera debut at the Paris Opera in 1961. He has performed at L'Opera de Paris, Covent Garden, Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Vienna State Opera etc

Dankevych, Konstantyn

Konstantyn Dankevych(1905-1984), an eminent Ukrainian composer and music teacher, he studied at the Odessa Conservatory, later he taught there, he also taught at the Kiev Conservatory. He was the director of Songs and Dance of the Red Army Choir in Tbilisi. He composed operas and ballet music.

Danon, Oskar

Oskar Danon(1913-2009), Bosnian Jewish composer and conductor. He studied music in Yugoslavia, then worked as a conductor in Sarajevo. He became conductor and music director of the Belgrade Opera, chief conductor of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. He was professor at the Belgrade Music Academy, and he was awarded the October Award of the City of Belgrade, and AVNOJ Award.

Darclee, Hariclea

Hariclea Darclee(1860-1939), Romanian operatic soprano. She possessed an agile, powerful, and beautiful voice that was wielded with a fine technique. She studied at Iasi and Paris, made her operatic debut in Paris, sang in La Scala, Moscow, Lisbon, Barcelona, and St. Petersburg.

Dandani, Nikete

Nikete Dandani, XI century Bulgarian musician. He was one of the persons setting the foundation of the most cultivated Christian religious music.

D'Arezzo, Guido da

Guido da D'Arezzo(991/992-1033), music theorist of the Medieval era. He is regarded as the inventor of modern musical notation. He was a monk of the Benedictine order from Italian city-state of Arezzo. He developed new technologies for teaching, such as staff notation and solfeggio: do-re-mi scale.

Dargomizhsky, Alexander S.

Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomizhsky(1813-1869), Russian composer, he studied music privately, also went to Leipzig, Weimar, Brussels, and Paris to study. Returned to Russia and he started to compose operas, he composed "Rusalka", "Stone Guest" etc.

Darwish, Sayed

Sayed Darwish(1892-1923), Egyptian singer and composer who was considered the father of Egyptian popular music. He composed the national anthem of Egypt and many other songs such as "Shed sl hezam", "Malo'ouna", "Ana Haweit" etc.

Darzins, Emils

Emils Darzins (1875 – 1910) was a Latvian composer, conductor and music critic. Dārziņš' work bears a distinct romantic character, with a strong trend towards national themes. His main musical authorities and influences were Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Jean Sibelius. He composed one opera(unfinished) and vocal music (choral and art songs). He studied at the Moscow Conservatories and St. Petersburg Conservatory, he returned to Riga where he started to worked as a music critic, teacher, choir conductor and pianist. The Emils Darzins Music School is name after him.

Davila, Cristobal Ojeda

Cristobal Ojeda Davila(1910-1932), Ecuadorian composer, studied at the National Conservatory of Music, he composed songs.

Dawson, Peter

Peter Dawson (1882-1961), Australian bass-baritone and songwriter, he gained worldwide renown through song recitals and many best-selling recordings of operatic arias, oratorio solos and rousing ballads during a career spanning almost 60 years. Although Dawson's repertoire embaced a great deal of popular songs and light music, he possessed a remarkably fluent and technically adroit vocal technique.

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Dayn, Oscar

Oscar Dayn(1912-1984), Moldovan music professor and violinist, he studied at the Conservatory of Chisinau, Brussels Conservatory, also in Paris and in Prague. He played violin for Dais Orchestra of Moldova, and later taught at the Conservatory of Chisinau. He was decorated "Honored Artist of Moldova(1960)".

Debali, Francisco Jose

National anthem of Uruguay-composer Debali,
Francisco Jose Debali(1791-1859), Hungarian born composer, studied music in the Kingdom of Sardinia, traveled to Brazil and settled in Uruguay, conducted orchestra in Montevideo. He composed the national anthems of Uruguay and Paraguay.

Debussy, Claude Achille

Claude Achille Debussy(1862-1918), French composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory, won the Priz de Rome, and subsequently studied in Rome, returned to France, toured Europe as conductor and performer to perform his own music. He composed 1 opera(Pelleas et Melisande), symphonic poems, chamber music and piano pieces.
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Degeyter, Pierre Chretien

Pierre Chretien Degeyter(1848-1932), also known as Pierre De Geyter, Belgian socialist and composer, known for writing the music of "The Internationale"(International Workmen's Association Anthem).
Eugene Edine Pottier(1816-1887), French revolutionary socialist, poet, and transport work. He wrote the lyrics of  the above music, music composed by Degeyter.

Del Campo, Francisco Flores

Francisco Flores Del Campo(1907-1993), Chilean composer, performer and actor, considered  one of the most popular and revelant to th Chilean New Song of the twentieth century. He studied in US and stayed there for eight years. Returning to Chile in 1939 and was a protagonist of the first productions, a half century Romance(Chile films), and later Artistic Director of the Casino of Vina del Man.

Delavrancea, Cella

Cella Delavrancea(1887-1991), Romanian writer and piano teacher, her piano studies first in the family, then at the Conservatory in Bucharest, followed by an internship in Paris. She played duets with George Enesco. From 1950 she started her teaching career at the School of Music in Bucharest, then from 1954 she taught at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest until retirement.

Deldevez, Edouardo

Ballet Paquita- music composed by Deldevez
Edouard Deldevez(1817-1897), French violinist, composer and conductor. He won many prizes as a violinist. He became a group of musicians centered on Francois Sudre(1787-1864) who were attempting to develop a way of transitting language thru music. Today, Deldevez is best known for writing the ballet "Paquita" (stamp shown).

Delgadillo, Luis Abraham

Luis Abraham Delgadillo(1887-1961), Nicaragua composer, studied in Managua and at the Royal Conservatory in Milan, he taught and served as Nicaragua's director general of music culture, also taught at Mexico City and Panama. Returning to Nicaragua in 1950, he was named director of the National School of Music and conductor of the National Symphony. Works include: 12 sinfonias breves, chamber music, operas, piano pieces and vocal music.

Delibes, Leo

Leo Delibes(1836-1891), French composer, he studied music from his mother first, then moved to Paris and entered the Paris Conservatory. From 1853 he was accompanist at the Theatre-Lyrique and organist at the churches; 1865-72, he was assistant chorusmaster at the Opera. He began producing light operas most at Offenbach's Bouffes-Parisiens. From 1881 he was professor at the Paris Conservatory. He composed operas and ballet music. His most popular works are: Coppelia(ballet) and Lakme(opera).

Delius, Frederick

Frederick Delius(1862-1934), British composer, he learned to play piano and violin at young age, studied at the Leipzig Conservatory and later in Paris where he remained there for most of the rest of his life. He composed 6 operas, concertos(1 violin, 1 piano), incidental music, orchestral suites, chamber music and vocal music.

Denyn, Jef

Jef Denyn(1862-1941), Belgian carillon player, he founded the world's first and most renowned international higher institute of campanology, later named after him, the Royal Carillon School "Jef Denyn" in Mechelen.

Dermota, Anton

Anton Dermota(1910-1989), Slovene tenor, studied in Ljubliana and Vienna, made his debut at the opera house in Cluj in 1934, continued to sing in Vienna, London, Paris and Italy.

Desbordes-Valmore, Marceline

Marceline Desbordes-Valmore(1786-1859), French poet and singer, she appeared as an actress and singer in Douai, Rouen, the Opera-Comique in Paris, and in Brussels.

Dessau, Paul

Die Thalmann Kolonne - music composed by Paul Dessau
Paul Dessau(1894-1979), German composer and conductor. He studied at the Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatory in Berlin. He was kapellmeisters and conductors at various theaters in Bremen, Cologne, Mainz, and Berlin. He also taught at the Public Drama School in Berlin. His works include: 7 operas, incidental music and film scores. He composed political marching song "Die Thalmann Kolonne".

Destinnova(Destinn), Emmy

Emmy Destinnova(1878-1930), Czech operatic soprano, she studied violin first, however, her voice was so rich and full that she changed her mind and determined upon an operatic career. She made her debut at Berlin Court Opera in 1898, she sang in 54 operas including 12 premieres.

Devi, Tara

Tara Devi(1945-2006), Nepali singer, she was known as the "Nightingale of Nepal" having recorded over 4,000 songs during her lifetime. She began singing at the age of seven, she made her debut at the age of eight with legendary Nepal musician Ustad Bhairab Bahadur. She was honored by dozens of national awards. Much of her music revolved around the themes of patriotism and love.

Diacomo, Carlo

Carlo Diacomo(1876-1942), Maltese composer, studied composition with Paolino Vassallo, appointed as organist of the Zejtan Parish Church, later as maestro de-cappella to the Mdina de Valletta Cathedrals. He composed sacred music.

Diaghilev, Sergei

Sergei Diaghilev(1872-1927), Russian impresario, renowned as founder of the Russian Ballet Company that bore his name, was also as important figure in opera, London, Paris, and Monte-Carlo. He gave various operas in full  stage performances in ballet forms.

Diaz, Ramon

Ramon Diaz(1901-1976), Dominican bassoonist.

Dicescu, Anatasia

Anatasia Dicescu(1887-1945), Russian(Moldova) soprano and teacher, studied at the Odessa Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Rome. She was opera director of Bessarabia, director and teacher at the Music Union of Moldova, and professor of singing at the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bucharest.

Diepenbrock, Alphons

Alphons Diepenbrock(1862-1921), Dutch composer and classicist, studied classics at the University of Amsterdam. As a composer, he had been completely self-taught, a skilled player of the piano, organ and violin. He was inspired chiefly by poetry, and his output is dominated by vocal works. He created a musical idioms, he also conducted.

Dima, Gheorghe

Gheorghe Dima(1847-1925), Romanian composer, conductor and teacher. He went to school in Vienna, and entered the Polytechnic of Karlsruhe in Germany, but he devoted himself in music taking lessons privately. Returning to Romania, he taught and conducted, served as director of Conservatory in Cluj. He composed songs.

Dimitrova, Ghena

Ghena Dimitrova(1941-2005), Bulgarian operatic soprano, studied voice at Sofia Conservatory, made her debut as Abigalle in Nabucco at the Bulgarian National Opera. Her voice was known for its power and extension used in operatic roles as Turandot etc. Her career spanned for four decades.

D'Indy, Vincent

Vincent D'Indy(1851-1931), French composer, studied music privately with several teachers, taught at the Paris Conservatory. He composed 3 operas, symphony, symphonic poems and chamber music.

Dinicu, Gregoras

Grigoras Dincu(1889-1945), Romanian composer and violin virtuoso. Jascha Heifetz once said: "Grigoras Dincu was the greatest violinist he had ever heard". He attended the Bucharest Conservatory and the Vienna Conservatory. After graduation he played in an orchestra, and toured as soloist and conductor throughout Europe. He composed violin pieces, rearrangements, and some light violin music.

Distler, Hugo

Hugo Distler(1908-1942), German composer, known mostly for his chamber music, he studied at the Berlin Conservatory, became organist in Lubeck, taught in Spandau and Stuttgart.

Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf(1730-1799), Austrian composer and violin virtuoso, violinist of an orchestra in Vienna, imperial court theater, later became the Kapellmeister. He composed some 45 operas, 120 symphonies and chamber music.

Doga, Eugen

Eugen Doga(1937- ), a Soviet and Moldovan/Romanian composer, he studied at the Conservatory in Chisinau, played cello for an orchestra, and taught at the music college "Stefan Neaga", also worked at the Ministry of Culture of Moldova.
He composed ballet music, symphony, symphonic poem, songs, and over 200 film scores.

Dolgan, Mihail

Mihail Dolgan(1942-2007), Moldova(Soviet) musician, he set up the Noroc ensemble, which became the most famous in the USSR. He composed about 100 songs which became hits.

Domingo, Placido

Placido Domingo(1941- ), Spanish tenor and conductor, born in Madrid, Spain, the family moved to Mexico when he was young, he studied conducting and voice at the Mexico Conservatory in Mexico City, he made his debut as a tenor in the role of Alfredo in La Traviata. US debut with Dallas Opera in 1960, conducting debut with the New York City Opera in 1983. Appointed artistic director of the Washington Opera in 1994.
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Donets-Tesseyr, Maria

Maria Eduardovna Donets-Tesseyr(1889-1974), Soviet singer(Coloratura soprano) and teacher, she studied in Kiev and Milan. In 1915-48 she was soloist with Ukrainian Opera, taught at the Kiev Conservatory. She was decorated as People's artist of the USSR(1969).